The Flowerpot Festival is FREE and you can have great fun exploring the town's nooks and crannies searching for the Flowerpot Creations.

However, if you don't want to miss any of the Flowerpots, we strongly advise that you purchase a Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Leaflet.

There are three different Trails, each taking you to a different part of the town.

As well as giving directions, the Leaflets also include a fun quiz asking simple questions about each display.

Please note:
We don't publish answers to the Flowerpot Quizzes.
They are just a bit of fun to make your time at the Festival more entertaining!


Flowerpot Trails cost just £2.00 each

and include a free Town Map to help you find your way around


Flowerpot Trails are available from the following outlets:

Settle Tourist Information Centre

Lamberts Newsagents

Age UK

The House that Jack Built

The Golden Lion

Cottontail Crafts

Wholesome Bee

Forage & Feast

The Folly Coffee House