People of all physical abilities are able to enjoy the Flowerpot Festival.

Below is some information on accessibility which will help you plan your day.



Town Centre
Market Place, Duke Street, Church Street, Cheapside, High Street, Chapel Street, Station Road, Kirkgate
Ashfield, Whitefriars and Greenfoot Car Parks and Settle Railway Station
The Town Centre (which includes most of the places to shop and eat) is level and accessible.
 Upper Settle
Constitution Hill, Castle Hill, Victoria Street, Albert Hill, School Hill, Greenhead Lane, Ingfield Lane, Townhead
Upper Settle is built on a hillside and so many of the roads and footpaths have steep gradients (1:10 - 1:6) that may be challenging for some people. 
Lower Settle
Church Street, Kirkgate, Station Road, Cammock Lane, Bond Lane, Langcliffe Road, Riverside, Mill Close, Northfields, Swimming Pool
Lying to the west of the railway line, this part of the town is level and accessible.
An Accessible Toilet, opened with a RADAR key, is located in Whitefriars Car Park (BD24 9JD)
RADAR keys can be purchased from Settle Tourist Information Centre (BD24 9EJ)
The following businesses have Accessible Toilets for use by their customers:
Settle Railway Station (BD24 9AA)
Watershed Mill (BD24 9LR)
The Folly (BD24 9EY)
Booths Supermarket (BD24 9BP)
Victoria Hall (BD24 9DZ)
Changing Places Toilets
There are currently no Changing Places Toilets in Settle, however plans are being discussed to install them at Limestone View.
Disabled parking spaces are available in the following places:
Whitefriars Car Park (BD24 9JD)
Ashfield Car Park (BD24 9AA)
Greenfoot Car Park (BD24 9RB)
Market Place - Rear of Town Hall (BD24 9EJ)
Booths Supermarket (BD24 9BP)
Watershed Mill (BD24 9LR)
A wheelchair is available at Watershed Mill for customer use
Coming Soon
Settle Railway Station is soon to become a 'Wheelchair Hub' as part of 'Access the Dales'.
This means that visitors will have the opportunity of borrowing a mobility scooter from the station so that they can access the town.
Settle is an ancient town with many old (and often listed!) buildings. These buildings were not designed for wheelchair access and although some have been successfully adapted, many haven't. Also, some of the buildings are small and for this reason, cannot accommodate a wheelchair.
We plan to produce a list of accessible buildings so watch this space.
In the meantime, although steps or space constraints may prevent you from entering a shop, most shop owners are happy to serve you outside. Just ask!