Q Who organises the Flowerpot Festival?
Between 2014 and 2021 the Festival was organised by volunteers from the Vibrant Settle Community Partnership. In 2022 a Community Interest Company (Settle Flowerpot Festival CIC) was set up to run the Festival.


When was the Flowerpot Festival first held?


The Flowerpot Festival was first held in 2014.
Who makes the Flowerpot Creations?
The larger creations that are placed in public spaces are generally made by the small team of Flowerpot Volunteers in their workshop at Watershed Mill. The other creations are made by residents, schools, churches, community organisations, businesses and public services. Anyone can make and display a Flowerpot Creation - they don't have to ask permission! 
Is there a theme for each Festival?
Yes, it's to 'make people smile'!
Are there any prizes for the 'best' Flowerpot displays?
No. The Festival isn't a competition but that doesn't stop each one of us having our favourites!
Q When is the Flowerpot Festival held?
The Festival takes place throughout the months of July & August but we recommend that you leave it until after the second week of July to visit as it takes until then for all the displays to be completed!   See Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheets
How much does it cost to visit the Flowerpot Festival?
The Festival is free to visit, however, a charge is made for the Flowerpot Trail and Quiz sheets. 
Q How much does a Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheet cost?
There are three Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheets (exploring various parts of the town) and each one costs £3.00 or you can buy a set of three for £7.00.   See Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheets
Q Where can I purchase the Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheets
Q How far is each Flowerpot Trail?


Q How long does it take to complete each Flowerpot Trail?


Q Where can I get answers to the Flowerpot Quizzes?
We don't publish answers to the Flowerpot Quizzes. The quizzes are just a bit of fun to make your time at the Festival more entertaining!
Q What happens to the proceeds from the sale of Flowerpot & Quiz Sheets?
The proceeds from the sale of the Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheets are used to fund the costs associated with organising and promoting the Festival.
How is the Festival funded?
The Festival is funded by the proceeds from the sale of the Flowerpot Trail & Quiz Sheets. We also receive some income from donations and sponsorship. We don't receive any income from local government.
Where can I park?
Are the trails suitable for push chairs and wheelchair users?
Are the Flowerpot Creations made from recycled materials?
Wherever possible the Flowerpot Creations are made from recycled flowerpots and other materials (eg baubles). Many of the Creations are held together by plastic cable ties which are recycled when the creations are retired!
Are there places to eat in Settle?
Are there places to stay in Settle?